About STATUS program


Since 1st of September STATUS Program members are able to use privileged telephone support line 8-800-234-00-88.
Please check the correctness of phone numbers, provided in member profile, in order to have an access to this service.


IMPORTANT: please, use the phone number, which is registered in STATUS Program to call to privileged line.
Free call to 8-800-234-00-88 will be available in 3 hours after contact data change / program enrollment.

STATUS Program has been specially created as an incentive for our loyal passengers. When you become its member you get an opportunity to earn miles for your flights and to spend them on free tickets as well as other awards of our Program.
You may get an Award Airline Tickets and Upgrading Service Class as an Award in agencies
You may get additional miles while staying at hotels, using car rental services and paying with your bank card for your purchases.

About STATUS program Become the program member Membership levels

If you have got interested in the program you may learn more about its rules and types of participation.

We are inviting you to become a member of STATUS or STATUS-FAMILY program.
When you choose the type of participation please study the detailed rules and learn about the number of miles accrued for flights in case of each participation type.
You may not take part in both STATUS and STATUS-FAMILY programs at the same time.


For corporate clients there is STATUS-BUSINESS program

If you take part in the individual STATUS program you may be in one of the levels – BASIC, BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD.