Data protection

Personal Information Protection

UTair Aviation PJSC appreciates the Program members' trust and treats personal information use issues with a high level of responsibility. UTair Aviation being the initiator of STATUS incentive program for frequently travelling passengers (STATUS / STATUS-FAMILY / STATUS-BUSINESS membership types) enters into the following commitments.

Within STATUS / STATUS-FAMILY / STATUS-BUSINESS Program the information may be processed and used for the following purposes:

  • Distributing cards as well as additional information on the program among STATUS / STATUS-FAMILY / STATUS-BUSINESS Program Members.
  • Informing about changes in the program.
  • Crediting the accrued miles to the account.
  • Checking whether the miles have been correctly accrued on the account.
  • Checking whether the miles are correctly withdrawn from the account when awards are issued.
  • Submitting proposals within STATUS / STATUS-FAMILY / STATUS-BUSINESS Program taking into account members' requests and preferences.
  • Preventing distribution of any information of no interest to the member.
  • Providing for implementation of STATUS / STATUS-FAMILY / STATUS-BUSINESS Program.
  • Managing relations with clients.
  • Providing information on partners services of Program.
  • Assessing the services provided.
  • Identifying a frequently travelling passenger's profile.
  • Analyzing market environment and carrying out marketing research. 

To take part in STATUS / STATUS-FAMILY / STATUS-BUSINESS Program you need to provide the following information:

  • Required information: your full name, your sex, your date of birth, your postal address, your e-mail (if the application is filled in on the website), your telephone number and your passport details. 
  • Additional information: mobile telephone number, fax number. 

When miles are accrued for flights under STATUS / STATUS-FAMILY / STATUS-BUSINESS Program the information related to the program membership are generated and entered into UTair Aviation databases. The information is used to manage an account of STATUS / STATUS-FAMILY / STATUS-BUSINESS Program Members as well as for distribution of information on the program. 

When miles are accrued for flights and awards are issued all the relevant information is registered: places of departure and destination, the flight number flight date, the name of the airline that performed the flight, the booking class, the fare construction rate, the carrier's digital code, the airline ticket form number, the receipt number, the control digit of the airline ticket form. When miles are accrued for partners' services and awards are issued a partner's name, a service rate, the number of miles and the date of service are registered.

Registration of the said information enables to track all the changes on the account and to promptly react to requests received and possible claims.